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It does not always have to be a cake / pie! The Chimney Cake is available in all flavors. There’s something for everyone! Enjoy a unique show that awakens all your senses. Watch how with love and craftsmanship simple dough transforms to a peace of art. Every single Chimney Cake is prepared with lots of heart and love.

By hand, the dough is rolled in front of the guests’eyes and then baked in a special oven. After a few minutes the caramelised Chimney Cake is dipped into various toppings such as cinnamon, hazelnut, coconut or chocolate. The warm, freshly baked Chimney Cakes are offered either for immediate consumption, but can also be eaten cold and are therefore also suitable for later enjoyment or as a gift.

The Chimney Cake; The delicious!


Toth’s Chimney Cake
Nicole Toth

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Toth's Chimney Cake